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Commissions Open (prices ect..)

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 9, 2014, 4:49 PM

SO yay commissions are open now, considering i've been getting pretty out there *hint hint*
anyway im going to list the prices below but there will be a lot of unknowns because I do a variety of digital art and its hard to cover it all, so if you need any information, leave it in the comments and I will humbly rape it (in a good way) :3

Wallpapers | $10.oo CAD | + $5.oo for each character -> Total = $15.oo for full wallpaper

(speak to me if this is a bit too much and need a discount, we can work something out.)

Tech Forge Wallpaper Commission by CursyPon3

Digital Drawings | $20.oo CAD | + $5 for extra character -> total = $20.oo for one character [w/o background]

(this is pricy I realize, but i'm not a big fancy digital artist, and needs to spend a lot of time on these types of art, again, speak to me if you want to make a deal in decreasing price.)

Precursor | Tanner OC Portrait | Drawing by CursyPon3

Digital 3D | $30.oo - $50.oo 

(This is totally going to depend on what you request of me, let me be clear - I AM NOT A SUPERDUPER MAGIC 3D MAN, I STINK AT THIS STUFF. So speak to me and do not feel bad if I say no, it is because i'm still learning!! but if its a simple request such as a sphere on a background on something, or a cube or I might be able to do ponies we can work something out, and same goes for the price, these will depend. So talk to me first!!!)

Cortex Wallpaper by CursyPon3

Logo/s | $15.oo | 

(depending on logo, talk)

Precursor Logo by CursyPon3

Animations | (talk)
Music | $10.00 | (talk)
Sex | Free (loljk)

Am I missing anything else? Lemme know!! :D

Thanks for everything!

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Skin by sergbel (modified by CursyPon3)
FlutterCommunist Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
If requests are open, shall i send you a note?
CursyPon3 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Yes go ahead! they're open as stated on my front page! :)
FlutterCommunist Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Okay i'll send you a note
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Submitted on
February 9, 2014